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Power management patches for Radeon devices were added to the mainline Linux kernel earlier this year (since 2.6.35???). These features can provide dynamic voltage and frequency scaling when running under KMS. This, of course only applies to the open source radeon driver and does not work on the fglrx driver from AMD/ATI. Currently by default […]

Somewhere with in the past few weeks my swap partition disappeared. At first I didn’t even notice it stopped working. The first result of this was that the hibernate option also disappeared. I thought it was just some setting that went wrong somewhere with all the kernels I had been fooling around with. I finally […]

I have written the gstreamer-delta plugin which applies sharpening to an audio stream. Foobar users will know this as the Noise Sharpening plugin (a.k.a. foo_dsp_delta). One of my favourite dsp plugins from the Windows world which was sadly missing from the land of Linux. I set out looking for a way to insert a dsp […]